Eclipse/Birthday Baby!

I first had a suspicion we might have a lil baby on the way on August 21st. I remember this clearly, because my dad and I had driven to Memphis the night before and stayed with his friends Ayn and Carl. We got up before dawn on Monday the 21st to travel to Paducah, Kentucky to view the full solar eclipse. I was feeling queasy on and off that morning, but thought it could also be because of our early travels mixed with anticipation of the eclipse, and a little stress about getting home in time to start school the next day. 


Margo and Keith watching solar eclipse in Paducah, Kentucky. August 21, 2017.

Margo and Keith watching solar eclipse in Paducah, Kentucky. August 21, 2017.

Still feeling a little queasy and suspicious on Tuesday during my first day teaching the Fall semester. With Marty's birthday the next day, I thought if I was pregnant, that would be a pretty great gift. I stopped at Walgreens on the way home and bought a box of home pregnancy tests. 

I had to wake up around 5am to let Sally out and get ready for school (I needed to be on the road by 6:30am), so I got up and took the test first thing. I let Sally out, and came back in to positive results! My eyes grew about 27 inches... I couldn't believe it! So, I decided to wrap it up and put it in a gift bag for Marty. 

He was half awake as I was about to leave, so I brought him the gift bag. He opened it up, and also couldn't believe it. Of course he was excited, but it was sooooo early! I left, drove to school, and he texted me later to see if it had been real or if he'd been dreaming it! It was pretty funny.

I called the doctor later that day and set up our first appointment, surprisingly far away. They scheduled me for September 8th when they figured I'd be about 6-7 weeks along. They said we would have blood work done and an ultrasound, so we decided we'd wait to tell anyone until we had seen the doctor. 

Happy 35th birthday, Marty! You're going to be a dad! 

Margo Duvall